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EPS Module Repair (Electronic Power Steering)

What is EPS Module?


A Car EPS (Electric Power Steering) Module is an electronic control unit that manages the operation of the electric power steering system in a vehicle. The EPS system is responsible for providing assistance to the driver when turning the steering wheel, making it easier to steer the vehicle, especially at low speeds and during parking maneuvers.

The EPS Module receives input signals from various sensors, such as the steering angle sensor and the vehicle speed sensor, and uses this information to control the electric motor that assists with the steering. The EPS Module adjusts the amount of assistance provided to the driver based on the speed of the vehicle and the amount of force applied to the steering wheel.

The EPS Module is typically located in the steering column or in the engine compartment, depending on the vehicle's make and model. It communicates with other systems in the vehicle, such as the engine control module and the stability control system, to ensure safe and smooth operation of the vehicle.

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